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New Club Name.

Greetland FC

After a review of future club development plans and consideration of where the two clubs currently overlap (for example sharing of Charter Standard) it is proposed that Greetland Goldstars JFC and Greetland AFC rebrand as one, Greetland Football Club.

The one club approach will have many benefits, not least providing a clear pathway from junior football to open age. The united club will also, we feel be better placed to access funding, support and sustain greater financial health for our growing club.

With ongoing projects gathering pace, such as taking ownership of our field in partnership with Elland Rugby and positioning our club as a partner for Brooksbank new 3G training facility, a combined club will assist those volunteers to deliver on the desired outcomes for everyone’s benefit.

It is proposed that all teams will play under the new brand for the start of the 2019/20 season and all teams to adopt the new kit prior to the start of the 2021/2022 season (therefore Sept 2021). The new kit will be born from the current colours of Greetland JFC and Greetland AFC (royal blue, white and yellow) and we are planning to run a competition for all member players to design the new shirt.

The plan would be for our incoming Under 7s to adopt the new kit in September and the new kit will be available to all other teams that would choose to change. We have sourced a new kit supplier and a new club shop will be set up to allow managers, players and parents to buy kit and other associated apparel.

In terms of the future structure of the committee and how finances are managed, these matters will be resolved overtime. It would be the intention and like all current teams, that the open age is self-efficient and it is likely that due to their increased match-day running costs, that a different subs/fee structure is administered.

We hope you all agree that this is a forward step for both clubs and a united team represents a bright future for football in Greetland.


Ian Chapman (Chairman Greetland Goldstars JFC)

Mark Leonard (Manager Greetland AFC)

Club Defibrilator

External De Fibrilator

A new external Defribrillator has now been installed at the Community Centre. The original defibrillator which was purchased back in 2014, with the help of other clubs at the centre has now been replaced with the more accessible external one. Thanks to a grant from Calderdale Council and help from Marilyn Greenwood, local councillor. To use the life saving defibrillator:

Dial 999 and give the postcode (located on the front of the box) and they will provide the key code for the box.

Please make sure you understand where it is and review the instructions on use (it does talk you through what to do anyway)

Powerpoint Document Defibrilator Slideshow
PDF Document Defibrilator Instructions


News: News and Events

Keep up to date with all our latest news and features in this section.

New 3G Pitch at Brooksbank School

Brooksbank School are now in the process of applying to the Football Foundation and Rugby Football League for funding and they have indicated that messages of support from interested parties play a vital role in the application’s success.

Please take a look at Brooksbank School website asking for messages of support : Brooksbank School Website

As we have been chosen as a proposed partner the club will greatly benefit from having this so close to home. So please send your support.

3G Pitch at Brooksbank

Parking at Goldfields

Keep the Emergency Access Clear

Now the season has started we need to remind all visitors to Goldfields to keep the Emergency Access clear at all times. This is not a parking space and is there to allow medical access to the playing fields if required. Thoughtless parking like the above is putting peoples lifes in danger.

Bad parking

Once again another pair of vehicles who think it is acceptable to block the emergency access.

Emergency Access


Car blocking access

Can we please ask all visitors not to block the emergency access. It is not a convient parking space it is there for a reason. People who park are putting lives at risk.

Bad parking


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